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photos galore

pics from the photobooth and the photographer are IN!  i also made a shutterfly site so guests can share their photos online.


use it or lose it

it's a seating chart, and people better use it!  pass it on!


..and just for fun...

On an interesting (although perhaps overly personal info) side note, I went to a beauty school on Friday to get my underarms waxed.  I didn't shave for a week, but as soon as I got ready for the waxing the lady said my hair wasn't long enough.  Hairy armpits are fine if you're into that, but I'm not, and not shaving for a week was just flat gross to me.  She had her instructor come in and inspect the hair length, and another person came in to give their opinion, too.  Apparently hair needs to be at least 1/4 of an inch the first time you get it waxed.  Otherwise, it will bleed and hairs will need to be tweezed.  BLECH!  So I'm going in today and hopefully they will be much happier with my hairier results.  All I want is to not have a five o'clock shadow on my wedding day.  Is that too much to ask for???

almost there...

Six days until the Muslim wedding and eight until the Witte.  Now that my vacation from school has officially begun and I can completely focus on the craziness ahead, I have to say, there are three things I'm really looking forward to:
  1. Seeing my big fat Filipino family again!  It's rare that we all come together, and the fact that I've been able to see so many family members this year is awesome.  We went to the Philippines last December and saw a lot of relatives for the first time in over ten years, then had a big reunion with the American contingent in July at Krystle Ann's debut.  The last time everyone made it to Texas was for my college graduation in 2004, so we plan on giving them a warm welcome and making next week action-packed.
  2. Watching the kids run amock.  It kills me that I won't be able to see our ringbearers roaring down the aisle or our littlest flowergirl running away from Alex (his niece is strangely shy around him), but I'm sure we'll have lots of cute moments before and after.
  3. Having all our friends in the same room.  Some of my bridesmaids are cousins, others are friends from college, and now that we're all grown up, we're all over the country and state and rarely get to hang out anymore.  Much less dance and partake in debauchery.  This part will be a blast :P
I spent this morning finalizing our timeline and contact list, then we got our marriage license and I picked up some easels for those very necessary pictures of us through the years and the seating charts.  My dress has been pressed and is ready to go... just need to remember to bring everything to SA tomorrow.  Eeeeeeeek!!!

16 days? what?!?

We're sooooo close!  Tomorrow, my maid of honor Tahira is flying in to attend another wedding, but I'm still putting her to work: she's importing a bunch of filipino desserts from her local Goldilocks bakery in Palo Alto :)  Saturday's we're going to drop off even more stuff at my parents' house... I think my dad is completely astounded by the amount of "stuff" I have for the wedding.  He's in for a big surprise.  

On Monday, Alex surprised me with DANCE LESSONS!  We're not going to do anything crazy (don't get any visions of "Baby Got Back" in your heads!), he just wants to feel comfortable so we're going to practice under supervision.  Tuesday my awesome co-workers (and one of the best bridesmaids a girl could wish for) threw me a bridal shower at work.  The assistant principal made me a fantastic cake of a barbie bride wearing a dress based on my own.  It was unreal... and I got lots of fantastic gifts!  Carlos and Rose sent us a complete set of kitchen knives, so we need to get ready for our big conversion to adulthood and start leaving behind all our hand-me-downs that we've had since college.  It's weird seeing our new life starting in the form of wrapped boxes... but very exciting, too. 

Last few things to wrap up: print out/assemble seating charts, package favors so they're easy to set-up at the receptions, finish assembling programs, and box things for easy organization and delivery.  We've luckily got very little left to do!  Can't wait to see everyone!!!

less than a month to go!

this last week has been INSANE!  I had my hair & makeup trial on Saturday... but due to my mother's insistence, I will NOT post anymore pictures online because she and my aunt think I'm ruining all the mystery and surprise for the big day.  Sunday, all the Indian ladies I grew up with threw me a bridal shower.  It was very sweet and they had TONS of yummy food, so here are a few pics from that:



Then on Monday, we met with our photographer Jessica Norene (tee hee!).  I made sure to share these inspiration photos with her:

These are "first look" shots... before the ceremony, Alex & I plan on seeing each other and doing several bridal party portraits.

And these are just pretty...

Then about an hour later, we did our site visit at the Witte with the caterer and florist.  A few pics from the venue:



We stopped by San Antonio for an Asian Thanksgiving lunch before our Mexican Thanksgiving dinner in Laredo.  My mom is hard at work assembling 400 favor boxes!  Tomorrow we'll drop off some Mexican candies for the Witte favors.  My future suegra is also busy adding the bustle to my dress and taking in my shalwar kameez for the mehndhi.  Being part of our wedding is hard work!  :P 

Please RSVP ASAP if you haven't already!  We have to give the caterer a final count in less than a week!

stress x123,309,934,004

In addition to all this crazy wedding planning, have I mentioned that I'm suddenly applying to UT (my alma mater) for graduate school?  I'm currently attending Texas State (which I HATE) and I found out pretty last-minute that UT's special bilingual education masters program for AISD teachers is accepting applications... by DECEMBER 15th!  Here's what I have less than a month to submit:
  • transcripts
  • Statement of Purpose
  • bilingual statement
  • curriculum vitae
  • GRE scores (yeah, suddenly have to prep for that, too)
  • state application
So yeah, I'm a little stressed out.  And apparently I can't just get my UT transcript sent to the UT graduate school in person or online.  Things are not that simple.  Grr.

twogether in texas

Yesterday, Alex and I attended a Twogether in Texas marriage counseling session, part of a new "healthy marriage" initiative by the state of Texas.  In September, the state jacked up the price of a marriage license, but the entire state portion of the fee (there's also a local fee tacked onto the price) can be waived if both members of the couple attend a state-approved counseling course before getting the license.  Always aware of what an extra $60 can buy, we opted to attend the counseling session.

And OH MY.  As soon as we walked in, we knew we were in for a day filled with things to mock and be appalled at (sorry for the bad grammar here).  There were couples of all colors and sizes, people who looked like siblings and others who looked like total opposites.  They served us both breakfast and lunch on-site, so we were there for eight straight hours.

We had two presenters, a man and a woman.  The man was very sarcastic and funny, probably the highlight of the whole experience.  The counseling session was hosted by Lutheran social services, but was completely secular without religious overtones.  That was really nice.  The lady, on the other hand, was a lot like my TxState professor: ditzy, not particularly knowledgeable, and a little too encouraging of others to share stories even at the risk of getting completely off topic.  And worst of all, apparently six months ago she was on the brink of divorce with her husband of 24 years because for HIS 50th bday, she threw him a huge party and rounded up all his old college pals, but for HER 50th bday, he kept things low key and that REALLY made her feel unappreciated and unvalued and they went through a really rough patch but they're doing much better now, thanks.  Every time she started to ramble, it felt like we were HER therapist.  Waaaaaay too much personal information from her.

The curriculum itself wasn't bad; we had a workbook that discussed ways to communicate, particularly when you don't agree on something.  Cheesy though it was at times, it was relevant and hopefully will be helpful since I have a short temper and can be pretty demanding... and Alex is typically apathetic and gives in a lot more than he should.  Don't worry, though.. we are still very cynical and were cracking jokes throughout.  There was a lady named Tricia who was an older, hippie lady who wanted to share her opinion on EVERY FREAKIN TOPIC.  That got old real quick.  There was also another blabber who we simply called LiveJournal, because I was adamant that her and her spouse had to have met online.  The dude was this huge redheaded balding man, and LJ girl would periodically stroke his bald spot when she volunteered her opinion to the group.  GAG.  I started keeping tallies of how often Tricia and LJ would make annoying comments.  It was neck and neck for awhile, then Tricia got totally out of hand.

We did personality quizzes and it turns out that Alex and I are on totally opposite ends of the spectrum; my strengths (organization, perfectionism, control, outgoing) are his weaknesses and his strengths (gentle, puts others first, peacemaker) are my weaknesses.  We vaguely know some of that, but it was interesting to see it in numbers.  Just a reminder that we totally balance we other out.

There was a meditation portion where Alex fell asleep, a few parts where we got to color, and some role playing using a Speaker-Listener technique.  Overall, it wasn't a waste of a day, and even if we don't do things as they taught us, we can put a little more respect and thoughtfulness into our disagreements.  Now I just need to figure out all the other steps to getting a marriage license!

41 days to go!  Don't forget to RSVP!!!


First of all, HOOOOOOORAY for Americans making their voices heard at the polls!  Andy, my co-teacher, and I went downtown to watch the election results as they came in, and after spending some time at Mohawk, we decided we needed to go someplace with food.  We stopped by Stubb's, where they had Fox News on.  We asked if they could change the channel and the snippy bartender informed us that she and a customer were watching and what was wrong with Fox News?  We sat there confused for a moment, not understanding how people can think Fox News is objective or even newsy, then decided we needed another atmosphere.  I yelled "OBAMA!" on the way out, of course.  We were much happier at Casino el Camino, where high-fives from random strangers abounded once our guy surpassed 270.  So (a) YAY OBAMA!  ¡Sí se puede! and (b) I am no longer eating at Stubb's.  Too bad I already bought their bbq sauce for all my out-of-town wedding guests, but no more, ever again, because of their awful republican bartender and patrons.  

Secondly... we've already gotten our first wedding gift!  WOW.  Totally random and in such a gigantic box.  So surreal.  Just a reminder that we're getting cloooooose!

Thirdly... Alex is out of town so I took this opportunity to try on the newly-altered dress he brought back from Laredo on Tuesday.  I put on my veil and necklace, too... maybe that makes me freakish, but I hadn't tried everything together yet and it was fun!  And yes, I'll probably do it again :)

Hallelujah, it's almost Friday!

geez louise

Apparently David's Bridal is not restocking the gown I chose for my jr. bridesmaids in the color I want... until JANUARY 2009.  Stupid.  My bridesmaids dresses (ordered in July, estimated arrival in late Sept/early Oct) have STILL not arrived (although the latest promise from the store is this week... but I've heard that before so I'm not getting my hopes up).  This is such silliness...

On a happy note, my fifth grade class organized a schoolwide mock election last week... and Obama won with an overwhelming 90% majority at my school, as well as by 65% majority in the national mock election.  Such school elections have successfully called the winners in at least the last three presidential elections.  Knock on wood, but things are looking good...

And speaking of looking good, my be-YOO-tiful wedding necklace arrived last week!

Alex is bringing my finished wedding gown back from Laredo tomorrow.  Woo hoo! 


69 days to go!

School has been draining me lately with parent conferences, tutoring and report cards all in the same week, but I've got just a little over two months to go!  Tahira, my Maid of Honor, was in town last weekend and we had a blast... she's the sister I never had, since I've known her as long as she's been alive (her parents introduced my parents to each other).  Here's a classic photo of us totally dorking out:

She also treated me to a trés chic dinner at the Four Seasons restaurant Trio, including this sweet surprise:

In usual lame fashion, our plans for a silly bacholerette night on the town were dashed when we went back to the room after dinner and I promptly fell asleep.  Oh well.. we'll do a last-minute girls night out in San Antonio the week of.  Last weekend my mom and I went to the Witte Museum to (briefly) crash a wedding there so we could see the site... I ended up going early so as to not weird out the guests, and it was very exciting seeing everything in the process of being setup.  They weren't using the space the same way I'm planning to, but it was cool to be there in midst of all that wedding vibe.

Other than that, no huge progress... I suppose most everything is done... I decided to ditch the aisle runner and just use fake petals on the edges of the aisle, and still need to make the wedding herald banner.  Alex bought his suit yesterday and looked VERY handsome... first we got a lilac dress shirt and retro striped skinny tie, then found a really nice white french cuff shirt (needed to use the cufflinks I already bought) so he got that, too and is considering getting a different tie.  Regardless, he'll be decked out in a Calvin Klein black pinstriped wool suit with matching vest (on sale for half off at Macy's!).  All he needs is shoes and a haircut and he's ready to go.

See y'all in 68 days!  :D